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  1. Dear Valued Partners,
  3. One of the most important responsibilities we have at Enom is to maintain compliance with ICANN regulations. Those responsibilities extend to our channel partners as explained within your reseller agreement with Enom. To ensure we maintain compliance with ICANN's 2013 RRA as of February 1st, 2015, eNom will begin sending out domain renewal notices to domain name registrants on behalf of all resellers. This applies to all Enom reseller partners.
  5. In order to "opt-out" of this process and send renewal notices to the domain registrants through your own methods, there is an application and approval process that is available. If you would like to opt out of having eNom send renewal notices to customers on your behalf, you must complete our opt-out application at
  6. before January 15, 2015. Our ICANN compliance team will review your application and, if accepted, opt you out of our sending renewal notices on your behalf.
  8. It is critically important that you have set a valid renewal URL so customers can be directed to your site to renew their domain.  You can set this URL in your reseller renewal account settings at
  10. The Notice Application Opt-Out Process
  12. In order to confirm that any partner who sends renewal notices will be in compliance with ICANN regulations, we will require the following information as part of your opt-out application:
  14.         1. A schedule of your renewal notifications
  15.         A minimum of three notices to the Registrant are required. The first two must be between 26-35 days and between 4-10 days prior to expiration. The additional notice must be sent within 5 days post-expiration.
  18.         2. Describe how you determine who the notices are sent to
  19.         Renewal notices must be sent to the registrant, not just an account holder.
  21.         3. Email templates for your renewal notices
  23.         4. One of the following:
  25.                 a. Description of your logging process for renewal notices that demonstrates your ability to provide eNom a record of such renewal notices upon request.  Log data needs to be kept indefinitely and furnished to eNom upon request within 3 business days.
  27.                 b. An agreement in writing to blind copy (BCC) all of your renewal notices to
  29. Please note that, when we receive ICANN complaints, we typically have 5 business days to respond with this information, so we need our resellers to be responsive.
  31. Once we receive your application  and it is approved by our compliance team, your account will be opted out of having eNom send renewal notices.  
  33. Regards,
  34. Steve Banfield
  35. SVP & GM, Registrar Services

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