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  1. Born in Waterdeep into a family of minor nobility, my parents were very superstitious and thought I was cursed after I was born with milky white eyes... occasionally they would flash with a bright light. As a very young child they kept me locked up in a dark room whenever they had friends or guests visiting. I was terrified of being forgotten, locked away without anyone finding me. When I was 6 mother brought me to a church service of Lathander one morning, convinced I needed healing. I was entranced by the sermon given by the priest, it sounded so... right.  
  3. Mother and I met with the priest after the service, said I was an embarassment and that something was wrong, and begged for me to be healed. The priest looked at me closely and seemed surprised at what he saw. He told mother that only Lathander's grace could save me and he would be willing to take me into the care of the order at the Spires of the Morning temple, give me an education, teach me the ways of the Light. Mother readily agreed and by that afternoon she had packed my few belongings and delivered me into their care.
  5. Life in the temple was sheltered, and I was thankful there were no dark places. It mostly consisted of early morning attendance of religious services, study of the holy scriptures between lessons on wordly matters, and keeping the temple clean. I was called an 'Awakened', a novice acolyte in the service of Lathander. When I was a teenager I started having dreams about an angelic being called Saint Seraphina after reading about her in the Book of Light. The dreams became increasingly vivid, almost real. She told me that I was special and had celestial blood in me, that I had been chosen by Lathander to bring light into the dark places of the world where it was needed most, and that I must prepare myself for a life of action outside of these walls. She taught me a lot about my heritage and the nature of the celestials and their language, and that I must be mindful of my gift. She seemed quite stern in her judgement of those she thought weren't glorifying Lathander, cautioning me to temper my childish thoughts and dedicate myself to him. The dark wasn't to be feared; rather, it was an opportunity for light to shine. The parables about her in the holy texts told of her exploits in the world, smiting undead foes in the name of the Light. The idea of following in her footsteps set my mind racing.
  6. Seraphina commanded me to focus on my studies of the clerical powers guided by the senior clerics in our order. Surprisingly I had an aptitude for it, able to cast flames from my fingertips and shed light everywhere I went through the halls of our order.  
  8. About a decade into adulthood I was finally judged ready by the order to venture out into the realms. I was bestowed the modest rank of 'Dawnbringer'; no longer was I merely an acolyte in the order, I was now an ordained cleric ready to spread the righteous light of my god. As is our tradition I cast asside my previous name and was given a new one: Whitman. The order provided me with the basic gear needed for living in the realms - a very small bag of coin, my shield emblazond with the rising sun, a holy amulet symbolic of my faith, a finely polished steel mace, and plain but serviceable splint mail. When I left the temple the High Radiance gave her final orders and blessing. "Bring the morning light into dark places, and show no mercy to those unnatural creatures. Always be on the lookout for any information relating to the lost relics of Lathander. Go now, my son; thank you for your courage. Love and Light - as it is in the morning and ever shall be."
  10. Seraphina had cautioned me against being too conspicuous or ostentatious, as there were those in the world who would be frightened of my increasingly apparent celestial visage, and some that would even take offense; these days when I'm traveling the streets of Waterdeep I ensure the hood of my cloak is raised in order to provide a modicum of anonymity.

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