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  1. Durasteel Dragon Scale Mail of Hammerhand +5 ac 18 RAW - 20 pounds
  3. Construction materials:
  5.     20 pounds of 'Durasteel' - extremely rare metal ore that the DM made up / stole from other games - obtained over the course of 2 years, contained in other weapons, meteorite, high value treasure chests, etc
  6.     Efreeti Sand - bought from a gypsy trader on the the High Road to Neverwinter (amazing d100 roll)
  7.     Dragon scales - green dragon killed in original Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign
  8.     An element of Earth - claw from a xorn obtained in tunnels near the underdark
  9.     An element of Fire - mote of fire captured in a bottle when fighting elementals attracted to a meteor strike
  10.     Harpy Feathers - contained in a feather pillow earlier procured from a trader for the purpose of setting up my boudoir in my home town
  11.     Frost Giant Beard - from a slain frost giant when campaigning through the Sword Mountains
  12.     Drow Blood - obtained after a brief sojourn in the underdark while on another quest
  13.     Ancient Treants heart - managed to kill an ancient treant that was guarding the entrance to the lair of Claugiyliamatar (ancient green dragon) in the Kryptgarden forest
  14.     Medium to High magical armour +3 to +5 - for deconstruction - "regular" +3 armor sacrificed for this project
  18.     Draconic Resistance - because of the Dragon Scales +1 hp per level extra permanent (whilst wearing the armor) and +3 saves vs all dragon breath. Depending on the scale type used also grants immunity to the type the Armor is made out of. (acid)
  19.     Draconic Defence - Because of the scales and exception quality of the armor scale is Armor 18.  Even though a heavy rating its still lighter and more maneuverable and thus also grants a +2 dex bonus
  20.     Draconic Death - 1x day allows the user to breathe out Dragon breath DC 14 + 1 every 4 levels. Damage is 1d6+1 per level. It's a 60 feet long 15 wide cone. The breath type is the same of the scales used in the creation of the armor so if red then fire etc. (acid)

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